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Our Environmental Responsibilities

Online Pulse Jet Bag Filters

In an online bag filter, bag are cleaned row-by-row, even when the dust-laden gas is filtered, A sequence controller controls the sequence of cleaning automatically. This operates the assembly of solenoid and plus valves, which direct the air, flow into the manifolds. The holes are jig drilled for perfect alignment with the venture centre for achieving maximum cleaning efficiency.
Low pressure air cleaning system

The TKB Pulse jet Bag Filter design incorporates a specialized low pressure cleaning system that offers following district advantages over conventional bag filters, with high pressure cleaning system.
The low pressure cleaning system uses a special immersion type header mounted pulse valve.

Wider Pitch of Bags
Pitch i.e. center-to-center distance between the bag plays a very important role in the performance of the bag filter.

Especially Reinforced C ages
Conventional cages cannot be used in long bag filters, as they tend to bend due to the excessive length. We use higher thickness wires for cages when the height of bag or cage is more than 6 m or over.

Mist Sprayer
Our plant is looking forward to install mist sprayer across the plant. This would enable us to set an industry wide benchmark our firm is also looking forward to take steps that are used worldwide for sustainable production.

Water Sprinklers
The plant uses water sprinklers at the opening of jaw crusher and stock area.

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Our Environmental Responsibilities
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